Petition: Require lawyers to help keep the law coherent and up to date

(Currently awaiting approval before publication on Parliament’s website)

Lawyers are in a privileged position with regard to the law, and are generally well rewarded for guiding vulnerable members of the public through its complexity. The rewards they earn as a result of that complexity need to be balanced by a duty to help keep it as simple and coherent as possible.

We ask that Parliament legislate to:

a) require every practising lawyer to recognise and report inconsistencies within the law which they encounter in the course of their duties; and

b) establish an official body to collate such reports and oversee a forum where possible solutions can be discussed by anyone interested, on a pro bono basis; to authorise public funding for disputes on points of law recognised as being unsatisfactory; and to submit uncontentious amendments to the court.

As of 14th September, this petition is waiting for pre-publication approval (which usually takes a week or so, but can take three weeks or more).

This is one of a number of constitutional reform petitions I’ve started. Please also look at the others and sign any that you agree with. (Link opens in a new tab)


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