Local Sovereignty – a party of transformation

Bring Back Control – from Westminster!

This website was set up early in 2017, outlining a draft manifesto for a proposed constitutional reform party. As at September 2017, there hasn’t been enough active interest for a new party to be launched but it seems unlikely that the need for one will go away in the foreseeable future.

The turmoil following the Brexit vote has convinced many people that our current system is incapable of providing government fit for a mature society. But established political parties are so bound up with the existing system, they are unable to recognise how fundamentally flawed it is. We cannot expect them to implement the reforms we need. faq

Local Sovereignty candidates will stand for Parliament specifically to bring about constitutional reform. We do not seek to be a permanent party of government – we exist solely as a party of transformation, to be dissolved once our goals have been achieved. more

The party’s current manifesto is intended as a viable platform for reform, but is expected  to be refined and amended by the membership once the party is established. It represents the founder’s* view of what reforms are most urgent and most likely to be embraced by those the current system has failed while also being acceptable to those who, until recently, have been fairly happy with it. Some people will find it too radical, others will think it not radical enough or the wrong kind of radical. But some, we hope, will see it as a starting point for purposeful debate. faq

Our primary goals are intended to address problems of poor representation and negligent government. They are based on the principle that political power should be exercised as locally as possible, and that we should delegate to higher levels of government only as much power as it is absolutely necessary for them to have and expect them to exercise it responsibly. These reforms will:

  • empower the public in holding government to account;
  • constrain central government’s ability to interfere in local affairs;
  • ensure constitutional laws cannot be easily amended by ordinary politicians;
  • prevent law-makers neglecting problems created by incoherent law.

Our secondary goals are aimed at encouraging good representation and responsible government. They are based on the principle that the political system should maximise the electorate’s ability to clearly express its will, and minimise the possibility of government working against the public interest. These reforms will:

  • make the three branches of government properly  independent of each other;
  • enable voters to selectively empower local or central government;
  • empower the public to effectively oversee the workings of government

Please follow the links in the panel to the right for more information on the individual goals.

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(Updated July 2020)

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