Miscellaneous Topics

Page Under Construction

Constitutional reform by topic

The Local Sovereignty party is focused on the constitutional reforms necessary to build a healthy society. We therefore approach the whole subject of reform from a different angle to people whose focus is step-by-step reform of individual aspects of the existing constitution.

Our proposals have benefited from the thinking and research that other reformers have done and we intend to put up brief statements of how our reforms relate to other proposals that have been put forward over the years. Currently, however, the links below simply point directly to the most relevant of our main pages:

Devolution & Local GovernmentElectoral Reform
ExecutiveInternational Relations/BrexitJudiciary & the Rule of Law
Monarchy / Head of StateParliament & Lords Reform
Rights and Duties – Values – Written Constitution

Miscellaneous topical issues

Immigration; Inequality; Land Reform; Taxation; Monetary Reform


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