Secondary goals

The party’s secondary goals are:

  • Separation of Powers: disentanglement of Parliament and the Executive, and direct democratic oversight of the judiciary, so that all three branches of government are properly independent
  • Selective Empowerment: letting people choose the level of government their taxes go to
  • Sovereign Juries to consent to ratification of Acts of Parliament

Please click on the links above for more information on why we believe these reforms are necessary, how we anticipate them operating and how we hope to bring them about.

We regard these reforms as less fundamental than our primary goals and less obviously essential: our primary goals are aimed at preventing bad government, these are to enable good government. They do constitute an element of the party’s core purpose but they are more open to being dropped, added to or amended by the party’s members than the primary reforms. *

The party’s constitution requires that it be dissolved once its primary and secondary goals have been achieved. However, we also currently support a number of further reforms that we also hope to see implemented but which are not currently manifesto commitments. These are constitutional or quasi-constitutional reforms, some of which would profoundly transform the social and economic landscape, but they’re not included in our manifesto because they are more complex and/or more contentious than our primary and secondary goals.


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