Core Principles

We believe that the current political system in Britain is incapable of providing government fit for a mature society and that a number of fundamental flaws must be resolved to allow a healthier system to emerge.

Underlying our vision of a healthy society is the belief that true sovereignty resides in all of us as individuals, that political institutions should have no more power over us than we collectively cede to them voluntarily and that the laws they make should be consistent with our shared values.

The reforms we advocate are intended to ensure that political power is exercised as locally as possible, that we delegate to higher levels of government only as much power as it is absolutely necessary for them to have, and only for as long as it is necessary for them to have it, and that they govern in accordance with the rule of law .

Our primary goals constitute the minimum that we consider necessary to entrench these principles in the British constitution and establish a properly functioning democratic system.


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