Petition: Stop the courts enforcing unfair or out-of-date laws

(Currently awaiting initial five signatures for publication on Parliament’s website)

Current rules oblige the courts to enforce laws made by Parliament (however far in the past they were made) even when they are now clearly incompatible with generally accepted, uncontroversial principles, such as fairness. A healthy society needs procedures to stop this happening.

We ask that Parliament:

a) establish a statutory requirement that, where possible, laws should be consistent with generally-accepted, uncontroversial principles;

b) instruct the courts that when they encounter a breach of this requirement in statute law, they should inform Parliament and ask it to amend the law; and

c) authorise the courts to introduce appropriate reforms themselves, where possible, if Parliament does not address the problem within a reasonable timescale.

This petition is currently waiting for the five signatures it needs to be published. Please click on the button below to sign (and remember the signature doesn’t count until you’ve clicked the link on the email they send you).

This is one of a number of constitutional reform petitions I’ve started. Please also look at the others and sign any that you agree with. (Link opens in a new tab)


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