Petition: Give us a democratically accountable overseer of government

(Currently awaiting initial five signatures for publication on Parliament’s website)

With no established mechanism for the public to withdraw power from the monarch, we have no democratically accountable ultimate authority able to arbitrate when there is conflict between different branches of government. In a mature society, the head of state must have a democratic mandate.

To give the monarch an indirect mandate from the public, we ask that Parliament require the appointment of a directly elected official (with an appropriate recall mechanism, to ensure constant accountability) with no power except:

a) authority to call a referendum on replacing the reigning monarch;

b) access to all information related to the operation of all institutions of government; and

c) authority to publish any such information they consider the public should be aware of.

This petition is currently waiting for the five signatures it needs to be published. Please click on the button below to sign (and remember the signature doesn’t count until you’ve clicked the link on the email they send you).

This is one of a number of constitutional reform petitions I’ve started. Please also look at the others and sign any that you agree with. (Link opens in a new tab)

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