Petition: Recognise local communities’ sovereignty in local affairs

(Currently awaiting approval before publication on Parliament’s website)

The omissions and failings of government are felt most keenly at the local level, but our current system makes local authorities wholly subordinate to central government – even though it is locally elected politicians who are best placed to understand what the public needs.

Votes cast at a local level confer as much democratic legitimacy, in purely local affairs, as votes cast at national level. The crucial question is: who decides what is purely local?

We ask that Parliament legislate to:

a) recognise elected local authorities as sovereign in their own sphere; and

b) give elected local representatives, in aggregate, an equal voice with the House of Commons in determining how sovereignty on different issues is distributed between different levels of government.

As of 12th September, this petition is waiting for pre-publication approval (which usually takes a week or so, but can take three weeks or more).

This is one of a number of constitutional reform petitions I’ve started. Please also look at the others and sign any that you agree with. (Link opens in a new tab)


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