Petition: Delegate the Brexit decision to a specially-elected Assembly

(Currently awaiting approval before publication on Parliament’s website)

Since the 2016 referendum, the issue of our membership of the EU has dominated British politics, exposing deep flaws in our constitution and absorbing huge amounts of time and energy that Parliament and Government could have used to focus on many pressing matters that are currently being neglected.

The Brexit issue is part of a wider question of how sovereignty should be shared between different levels of society. This lies outside the sphere of ordinary politics and needs to be dealt with separately from MPs’ main work.

We ask that the decision on membership of the EU be delegated to a specially-elected assembly, along with the question of how power should be distributed between local government, the devolved administrations and Westminster.

As of 14th September, this petition is waiting for pre-publication approval (which usually takes a week or so, but can take three weeks or more).

This is one of a number of constitutional reform petitions I’ve started. Please also look at the others – particularly ‘Let an independently elected body reform the UK’s political system’ – and sign any that you agree with. (Link opens in a new tab)


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