This website was set up with the intention that the party would be formally launched early in 2017, in conjunction with a crowdfunding exercise. So far, however, there hasn’t been enough active interest for that to be worthwhile. If you would like to be notified when the party does finally get launched, please use the form below.

The support of those who join during the initial funding stage will play a crucial role in getting the party off the ground. They will therefore be designated as original members and will be slightly privileged over those who join later:

  • They will have greater voting rights regarding significant amendments to the party’s primary and secondary reform; details
  • When the party is dissolved and any residual assets are distributed to the members, original members (if they’ve maintained their membership) will receive ten or twenty times the share of ordinary members.

Since we are solely a party of transformation, rather than a party of government, we don’t see any conflict between membership of this party and membership of other political parties. However, since we intend to put up candidates in as many constituencies as possible, members of other parties should be aware that joining Local Sovereignty might breach their other party’s rules.


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