FAQ: Coherent Law

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What are derelict laws and how do they cause inequality?

All laws, when they are first drafted, reflect the conditions and dominant values of their time – but societies evolve and values change and there is not currently any requirement for the law to evolve with them. This means that laws can become detached from the circumstances that gave rise to them, distorting the effect they have.examples

What long-established laws create injustice?

Current laws on inheritance, as one example, are blatantly incompatible with the principle of equality of opportunity and quite clearly create inequality – some people inherit large amounts of the nation’s natural resources and accumulated capital while others inherit none of it.

However, these laws are so deep-rooted that people seem to regard them as part of the natural order. Resentment of the resulting injustice is therefore channelled into demands to mitigate the ill-effects, but what is really needed is forensic analysis of the principles which should underlie the inter-generational transmission of wealth and responsibility.

How will Local Sovereignty’s reforms push legislators into properly maintaining the law?
What about Parliamentary Sovereignty? Won’t that be infringed if the courts can set aside statutes?

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