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Honouring the referendum without leaving the EU

The last three years have laid bare the inadequacies of our current political system and many people who were previously fairly happy with how our country is governed now recognise that, whatever happens with Brexit, we need fundamental change, not … Continue reading

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Would leaving the EU really honour the referendum?

The 2016 referendum feels like a long time ago now but Parliament is perhaps, at last, trying to have the discussion that (in my innocence) I’d assumed would follow the shock of the result. Is it too much to hope … Continue reading

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Does more democracy mean better government?

From Desmond Avery via email:

If I understand it rightly, you’re proposing more local autonomy as the way to make decision-making more democratic and therefore better. I have two immediate questions about that: [Read more…] Continue reading

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The Disengaged

Stephen Gwynne posted this comment during a discussion on Small Farm Future:

I sense your frustration and I certainly know how slow the wheels of structural change can be even over relatively insignificant changes in policy.
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