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An Age of Misrule

For all its strengths, Britain’s current political system seems to be incapable of providing government fit for a mature society. A self-serving, opportunistic culture has developed at the heart of our political establishment which makes good government next to impossible. … Continue reading

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Boris and the Benn Act

What is Boris Johnson going to do about the Benn Act? He’s made apparently contradictory statements that he would comply with the law but will not ask the EU for an extension to the October 31st deadline, as the Act … Continue reading

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Choosing a new Prime Minister

Boris Johnson was appointed Prime Minister after his predecessor, Theresa May, told the Queen he commanded the confidence of the House of Commons – despite the fact that no more than a quarter of MPs had demonstrated support for him, … Continue reading

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Honouring the referendum without leaving the EU

The last three years have laid bare the inadequacies of our current political system and many people who were previously fairly happy with how our country is governed now recognise that, whatever happens with Brexit, we need fundamental change, not … Continue reading

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Would leaving the EU really honour the referendum?

The 2016 referendum feels like a long time ago now but Parliament is perhaps, at last, trying to have the discussion that (in my innocence) I’d assumed would follow the shock of the result. Is it too much to hope … Continue reading

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